Ways to fight COVID-19


Many doctors believe that boosting immunity is an important way to fight COVID-19.

Try and practice some or all of the following:

  1. Consume a healthy diet of fresh home-cooked food and fruit.
  2. Consume foods and supplements rich in Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin K and Curcumin.
  3. Consume Kabasura Kudineer (Ayurvedic), Arsenic Album (Homeopathy) which
    are immunity boosters available at most medical stores in the Nilgiris
  4. Walk, jog or exercise regularly
  5. Get adequate rest
  6. Practice Yoga and Pranayama
  7. Gargle with Betadine twice a day
  8. Drink plenty of liquids
  9. Decrease the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and sugary drinks

Preventing the spread of the virus in Nilgiris

prevention in Nilgiris

Our strategy is to contain the virus by preventing the spread. Here is how we are doing it:

  1. Although the rest of the state does not require it, the E-pass is still needed for visitors to enter Nilgiris so that the administration can monitor visitors and trace contacts.
  2. Contact tracing when people get infected so that others can test and be cautious.
  3. The Nilgiris is constantly increasing the testing facilities with easy access for all.
  4. People with no space at home to isolate themselves are provided with free quarantine facilities.
  5. Through mobile vans, kiosks in public squares, and this website the Nilgiris administration is spreading awareness to every town and hatti in the district so that people know how to protect themselves and others and follow the right protocols if they test positive.
prevention in Nilgiris

Covid-19 symptoms
to look out for

Cough & Sore Throat




Breathing Trouble

Nasal congestion

Muscular Pain


precautions nilgiris

How do you protect yourself and your family?

precautions nilgiris
  1. Stay home and only go out if necessary
  2. Spitting in public can spread COVID-19. It is also now a punishable offence.
  3. Follow the Nilgiri guidelines and SOPs
  4. Avoid social gatherings both at home and outside especially weddings and funerals  
  5. Avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation
  6. When out, keep a distance of at least 5 feet from others
  7. Wear the appropriate mask
  8. Wash hands frequently, especially after you return home from an outing or shopping
  9. Make sure family members with chronic illnesses take their medication regularly
  10. Watch out for symptoms and get tested or contact a health worker if anyone develops symptoms at home or in the neighbourhood
  11. Make sure you get to know if you had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  12. Take it seriously if you are notified by the local health authority about a person in your vicinity or workplace who  has tested positive to COVID-19
  13. Boost immunity
  14. Get tested for COVID-19

Be helpful and respectful to others.

How to
Your Mask

What are pre-existing Co-morbidities and why are they important ?

Comorbidity means a disease or condition, often chronic, that is present in the person before contracting the Coronavirus. While most of these conditions are usually manageable with regular medicines, the development of another infection like COVID-19, puts a patient at greater risk of serious complications.

Some of the Co-Morbidities include:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Lung Disorders
  • Transplanted organs or any immune suppressant diseases
  • Chronic obstructive airway disease and prolonged tobacco use
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Obesity
  • HIV infection or on medicines that suppress immunity
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