Testing Protocol

Checklist for Home Quarantine

  • Install Aarogya Setu app and do the self-assessment regularly.
  • Install eSanjeevaniOPD app for free medical consultation.
  • Keep a thermometer and pulse oximeter ready at home, check the temperature ( any value above 98.4 F is considered a fever) and oxygen saturation regularly (any level below 95% is considered low).
  • If family members have co-morbidities like asthma, high BP or diabetes, ensure they are taking their medication regularly.
  • Ensure everyone in the family have their own masks and keeps them washed and clean. (N-95 or a triple layer cotton mask is recommended). Masks should not be shared.
  • Save the following numbers on your mobile phone, 108 for an ambulance or in case you are tested positive for Covid-19 and you need to be hospitalized
    • 24/7 Nilgiris COVID helpline: 1077
    • Coonoor BMO: Dr Hajara Begum +91 94860 72652
    • Gudalur BMO: Dr Kathiravan +91 94866 87372
    • Kotagiri BMO: Dr Rajesh +91 94421 93433
    • Ooty BMO: Dr Murugesan +91 94432 29177
    • Dr. Shahul Mo +91 95856 46260

Equipment and Consumables needed for Home Quarantine

  • Personal clothes
  • Warm clothes
  • Bed Linen
  • Things for personal hygiene
  • Detergent
  • Garbage bags
  • Drinking water
  • Hot water kettle
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Mobile with charger
  • Newspaper for disposing biomedical waste
  • Masks. gloves
  • Room sanitiser
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • PPE kit for caregiver
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Digital thermometer

Here is how to dispose of waste:

Separate your General waste from your Bio-medical waste. Bio-medical waste is all used masks, gloves, tissues, medicines, toiletries and other containers you have used during the illness. They may still be contaminated and will be collected by the municipality for appropriate disposal.


Please DO NOT dispose bio-medical waste with general kitchen and household waste. Use red bins or bags for bio-medical waste and keep it isolated, away from people until the Municipality collects it from you.

Stay at home

What to do after getting tested?

Stay at home
  • Isolate yourself and home quarantine until you get your results
  • You will receive your results via SMS or you can access it on (Enter SRF ID and mobile number)
  • If you tested positive, the concerned health care officer will contact you. You can also
    • 24/7 Nilgiris COVID helpline: 1077
    • Coonoor BMO: Dr Hajara Begum +91 94860 72652
    • Gudalur BMO: Dr Kathiravan +91 94866 87372
    • Kotagiri BMO: Dr Rajesh +91 94421 93433
    • Ooty BMO: Dr Murugesan +91 94432 29177
    • Dr. Shahul Mo +91 95856 46260
  • If tested negative continue to isolate and follow health care precautions for 3 more days.
  • Do not assume that if you have had and recovered from COVID-19, you automatically develop immunity. There are many documented cases of people getting re-infected. Continue to follow preventive measures. Stay up to date on science. 

What to do if tested positive?

You will be contacted by a Health worker who will consult a doctor to decide if you qualify for Home isolation/care. If you don’t, you will be shifted to a COVID Care centre in government hospitals or a PHC. You can also opt for a private hospital in Coimbatore.


If you are mildly symptomatic and do not have adequate space at home you could opt for isolation in the following Covid Care centres:

  • St.Lawrence, Lovedale
  • St.Judes Public School, Kotagiri
  • Good Shepherd School, Palada, Ooty
  • Youth Hostel, Ooty

Don't Panic

Who is eligible for Home Isolation with COVID-19?

If you test positive and are willing to isolate at home, the Doctor will decide if you qualify.


Conditions For Home Isolation:

  • Availability of separate room with attached toilet.
  • Willing to abide by the signed undertaking.
  • Must compulsorily download Arogya Setu and E-Sanjeevani App.
  • Must attend the calls from Collectorate and Health Department at all times
  • Daily monitoring of temperature and oxygen saturations
  • Must have Bluetooth & mobile data/WiFi on at all times.

Standard Operating Procedure
For Home Isolation

Will I get hospitalized?

People Tested positive for covid-19 and come under any one of the following categories will be hospitalized:


  • Above 60 years of age
  • Below 10 years of age
  • With comorbid conditions
  • Antenatal Mothers
  • Post Natal Mothers

You will be admitted to any of the Government Hospitals or COVID-19 care centres in the Nilgiris. But if you wish to go to a private hospital, ask the Doctor for guidance.

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